As Promised: COUPONS!

I will be receiving my paperback copies of Mechanicville book 2: Alone in the Night within the next couple weeks. Hopefully before the big Xmas craft fair I have a table at. To celebrate, I am givi…

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Can-Con and Canning

Laurie Stewart:

So, it’s the first of September. I sat down to look at Facebook, and WHOOSH! The summer’s over. I may have ignored the garden way too much, I still need to weed the bloody sweet potatoes, but a lot of writing has been done.

I sold a Halloween shifter story to Endera Press, a women oriented anthology publisher. I’ve been asked to submit a Christmas story, as well. I pitched a cookbook to an awesome publishing group, and am twitchy waiting to hear back. I got a scary short accepted for a private anthology, Ottawa Independent Writers 30th anniversary edition; 30 at 30! But, I turned 55 this summer, can I still be in it?  LOL

And this month looks to be lining up for more craziness!

canning and zombies

This week I am canning 150lbs of tomatoes, blue plums, and hopefully beets, carrots and caramelized onions.It’ll likely take a couple friends, and…

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The little wildfires of life

Life is busy this summer, so busy that summer’s nearly gone and nothing’s been done!  I feel like my Grandmother: “It’s nearly 10 o’clock in the morning! Tomorrow’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, whole week gone and nothing done!” (It’s 10am Monday btw)

My garden is in, but with this heat wave I just can’t manage the time and energy to weed it. Gotta be done soon, though.NO idea when, next week we head off to Winnipeg for a week, then there’s a festival I’m vending at, then there’s the end of my hubby’s contract and possibly no more work for a while.

I have now sold/ donated 3 short stories for publication (go me!) all since April! I’m pitching a cookbook to a publisher, and need to finish editing the second book in the YA Mechanicsville series, and do the next cookbook in the Fresh and Home-made series.

Plus our besties are moving and we need to help set up their house for selling. Which has me itching to declutter the piles of stuff that built up while I was so sick. Now that I feel better, I’m torn between awe and humiliation.

So, the tomatoes won, I went out and weeded about 3/4 of a 4×4 bed. Now my back hates me.