Aloha! And less writing than I thought.

Today is Sunday, we arrived in Maui at 3am Wednesday, or Thursday depending on how you view stoopidly early in the morning vs stoopidly late at night.

It is amazing here! The only problem is the humidity, which I’m pretty sure has managed to be above 100%. My poor hubby can’t take the heat and humidity.
But we’ve still hit the beaches, a sunset cruise, a luau and shopping. Even stopped for dinner in a place the locals eat. And a touristy restaurant; Bubba Gump’s named after the film.
I’ll just load all photos at the bottom, rather than spending time searching now.

I brought some work with me thinking I’d have a lot of time to write. Bwah hah haha haha!

Aside from this being a family trip for hubby’s nephew’s wedding, there are so many things to see. The ocean and beaches, the markets, farmer stalls with avocados the size of my head, the ocean, the beaches, dancers, tiki carving, shopping, the ocean…. We’ve had fresh, RIPE pineapple, guava… did you know that pineapple is sweet not acidic?

The traffic here is sssllloooowwww….. there’s only one road in and out of the city. and it’s only one lane in each direction. But it’s Hawaii and we’re on vacation. No hurry!
They have a Costco, which is cool because Costco here has their own wine, scotch, vodka and beer. Also local vodkas, wines, etc. I bought a local wine and mead to take home. Also a beautiful bottle of pineapple vodka. As in, made from pineapple, not flavoured with it. But since we can’t take open booze across the border, I’ll have to wait to taste it. It’s a pretty blue.
I’ve noticed that almost everything here is organic, nonGMO, grass fed, etc. I guess if you have to ship it all in anyway, make it the good stuff.

The heat is good for my back, I’ve had very little pain while here. Of course, being able to rent a scooter for the week helps. And all the yummy men willing to help me up and down stairs, carry my stuff, help me into chairs… If hubby could take the heat, I’d never leave. Well, not until we ran out of money, which with these prices, would be pretty soon.

The cabin is adorable. Small, but it has everything including a microwave and dishwasher. Amazing shower! ¬†Aside from the burlap rug, which while functional is hard on bare feet, I could live here. It’s even reasonably close to things.

Although I need to find a hat. And stronger deodorant. The sun is really strong, and it’s still winter! But it would be worth it for the shrimp and the fish. And the fresh fruit.

So, I’m thinking that if I set a horror/ fantasy story in Maui, I need to come back. Right? Maybe even bring an assistant. You know, for my writing.