Garden update!

It’s been only 2 weeks (3 for a couple of beds) since I last photographed everything, but the difference in the garden is huge.  I have comparison photos.  🙂

It has been either really hot or raining like a monsoon lately, so the weeds are going nuts.  It’s almost more than this old back can handle just keeping them from winning.  By the time I get the last bed weeded, the first is looking shaggy again.  Sigh… remind me why I love to garden so much.

Oh yeah, sunshine on my back, time alone to think and plot novels, music on the MP3 player…

So here are the photos, most were taken July 6th and today.  A few are from June 24th.

11709495_10155977119440107_6379886890031455393_n                        onion

Onions (bunching and other) planted in beds to ward off bugs.

11403481_10155920443690107_6768212256707944019_n                        apple mint

From one stalk of apple mint to many. And taller.  And bushier.

11665705_10155924079675107_2175186635506812573_n                        grapes 2

Grape vines, thicker, fuller, and covered in future “Grapes of Wrath” hot pepper jelly.

10518705_10155924078485107_7963874046126243008_n               potaoes 2

Russet potatoes doing much better for the weeding and rain.

1513196_10155966862615107_7793594557801167413_n                       first eggplant

The eggplant clearly looked at the photo on the name stake.

10984990_10155920443120107_2720730939496368746_n                      jim's pepper 2

Jim’s hot peppers (my own breeding program) are now starting to fruit.

11666095_10155924079030107_7687520840531272485_n                       squash 2

No vine yet, it better hurry up!

11071388_10155966863670107_8017076022203017980_n     goldies choice 2       first tomato

The Goldie’s Choice yellow romas that I’ve been breeding for the past 10+ years have doubled in size in 2 weeks!  And one of the Xtra Meaty romas (also my own breeding experiment) has its first tomato.

11062088_10155977119230107_1067172466680982384_n                    perennial broccoli 2

The perennial broccoli seems to be working out so far.  it’s grown much bigger, but only next spring will tell if it is a perennial this far north.  Also, no buds yet, so no telling how it will taste.  The seed pack says it’s more of a raab than a broccoli, as it doesn’t head up.  Either way, I’m giddy at the thought of a perennial crop!

I also tried perennial kale, but it all died off in the heat.  Not a good start to that experiment!  I’ll start some more and get them out this week, as well as regular kale, spinach and beets.  Maybe more turnip…. how many is too many?  What about parsnips?  Better plant extra, just in case.

Either way, I’m really enjoying my improved health, even if my back does continue to degenerate, the sun on my back makes it better.  At least until I hit the air conditioning.  lol