Welcome to 2014!

So, 2013 was a crapper of a year.  I’d had high hopes, a new Dr seemed to take the edge of my multiple health issues, and Jim was working with promises of extending his contract.

  Neither worked out the way it should.

  My crushed vertebra and ruptured discs achieved all the damage they could, so another bone started degenerating.  And I started falling.  Randomly.  Repeatedly.  Down a mountain.  Down stairs.  Not fun.

  I pulled all the muscles between two ribs, bruised both elbows, both hips, cracked a bone in my toe…

  My Lyrica helped with the nerve damage, but I gained weight.  I went wheat free, lost 4lbs, and developed an allergy to wheat.  My painkillers stopped working, so we tried something else.  It made me dizzy.

  By the end of the year I was on 3 daily medications, plus my weekly bone pills and migraine pills.  And have spent the last 2 weeks dizzy again.  I see the Dr on the 6th.  Thank Gods.


  Needless to say my creativity took a nosedive last year.  Not a single new painting, story or film.  No rewrites, no edits.  I feel terrible for doing nothing, but the well was dry.  Or the dizzyness made me barf when I concentrated.

  For the first time since I was  a teenager, I was depressed.  Real depression.  Not wanting to move, everything hurts, can’t think depressed.


  And now I’m on another pill.  A wonder drug that should ease my depression, lower my blood pressure and prevent migraines.  Now if it could do dishes, I’d be thrilled.


  So here comes 2014.  I have high hopes for getting back on track this year.

  I have 30 days of writing exercises in case I get stuck, I have my list of prioritized ideas and scripts to rewrite and stuff like that.  I have photos of haunted mansions, new books by fave authors and other inspiring things in my office.

  And I have a plan.  Be afraid….


  The first week or 2 will be spent getting my house in order.  Literally and figuratively.  I plan to move my laptop up to my office where I can plug it into a big monitor, and work.  I plan to (as soon as I can get through the snow to the trailer) get a few dozen hangers and hang up all the wardrobe, getting it out of garbage bags and off the floor.

  I’m going to organize my desk so I can find my pens.

  I’m going to make a few make-ahead meals, flour mixes, etc, and clean up the kitchen.


  Then I am going to write.  And maybe paint.

  It really is beautiful out here in the winter, and I love the play of golden light on snow.  So, I should paint.  Or photograph.  And write.  Write, write, write!