Weekend #Gladitude, because Friday #Gladitude is always late.

Getting ALL of the filming and photos for the teaser for the Marilyn Monroe film done just before it started raining.  Whew!

Finding 64 bright red flowers for my garden for $16!

Getting to spend a morning with a dear friend and use his 1959 Caddy in my photos!  (that is a seriously sexy car)

Coming home to a kitchen redolent of fresh lilac blossoms I had picked yesterday.

Jim is cooking fish (my favourite thing!) for supper because the cold rain has all my joints aching…. well, the fish is a glad thing.  🙂

Curling up on the couch with my cats to blog.


GF wedding food

Dinner at the wedding = gladitude 2.1
GF food especially for us. 😀

An Exploration of the Wheat Belly Mission


Chicken with lime & cracked pepper, asparagus, corn with red peppers, and twice baked potato. Soup was creme of carrot and dill.  Waiting for dessert.  o.0

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Friday Gladitude…. a few days late

Sorry, dear readers (sorry, had a Victorian moment there, must be the pageantry the past few days)

I am late with this week’s gladitude, I’ve been out of province for a family wedding.
But the wedding is a source of gladitude, the beaming, elegant bride, the subtly sniffing Father of the bride,


GF wedding dinners…
And FAMILY. 30 people deep, all standing in solidarity and hope, to greet our newest member. Welcome to the family Bryan, but I warn you, after this weekend we’re no longer on our best behaviour. 🙂

And there are a LOT of us! lol

Also this was a chance to see the new baby, Jim’s great-nephew Parker, 10 weeks old and cute as a button.

Parker 1

We also had all seven siblings and Jim’s mom here, so there were photos taken!  (I’ll put them up later, they were on the big camera, not my little purse one.)

Despite the sugar overload, the late nights, the crowding, the noise… it was great to be here, especially for a wedding.  Happy happy times.