Reblogging old posts #6

So, I went out to collect the eggs the other day.


Most of the girls were pretty good, though 2 were trying their best to fit into one nesting box, gave me a few warning pecks when I tried to grab an egg. Oh well, they were probably uncomfortable and cranky. 🙂


But one of the roosters! When I bent over to open the water jug, he jumped me. And not in a fun way either.


He left five gouges in my knee where his claws ripped through my pants. I was bleeding! Not impressed!


I got into a kicking contest with him, which was a bit unfair as I was trying not to hurt him. He, however, had no such constrictions about me. Eventually I had to kick him hard enough to send him into a corner of the coop, where he stayed hissing like a cat, and his feathered ruff extended like those little dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.


I didn’t realize how badly I as bleeding until I got back in the house. Jim says not to worry so much about hurting the rooster, we got three more. And he can be replaced!


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