Reblogging old posts #4

So, Little Bastard tried for the crown the other day.  But he’s  bad king wannabe, he attacked from behind, for the second time.  And lost for the second time.

The heat is killing us.  We lost a rooster to heat stroke yesterday, fortunately it wasn’t Pretty Boy, unfortunately it wasn’t Little Bastard either. 

The chickens are really feeling the heat, laying is way down.  Don’t blame them, the humidex was 44C, they were probably too hot to push.

Little bastard attacked Jim the  other day.  Drew blood, though not as much as when he attacked me last time.

You should’ve seen Jim smacking him upside the head a few times, the chasing him with the hose.  We now understand the saying “madder than a wet hen”.  The girls Little Bastard tried to hide behind were not pleased by the collateral damage.

Jim sprayed him every time he saw him for a couple of days.  He’s a much better behaved bird now.


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