Reblogging old posts #3

Porn; noun, short form of pornography, photos or video of sexual acts, or fantasies….


Well, what I fantasize about during the cold snowy winter, is gardening…. ergo, my seed catalogues have started arriving.  🙂


So, do I dig into my seed storage and buy to replace the old seeds (probably the wise move), not replace it (probably the hubby’s preference), or buy all the new fascinating varieties (probably not the wise move)?  And how much to plant?  My back gets worse every year, I’m starting to need a gardener!


And then there’s the chickens….  The girls will be 2 yrs old this spring and the laying has really dropped off in the cold.  From 18 a day to a maximum of 6.  They are no longer paying for their own feed.  we stand to lose a few $hundreds this tax year, and more next year if they don’t hop to it.


So, should we get more layers in the spring, or let things wind up naturally?  Having the girls really limits our travel as they must be fed/ watered at least every second day (every day in summer) so we can only go away overnight.  Unless we can find a sitter.

But I do love farm fresh eggs and chicken meat.  So I’m looking at heirloom breeds that are hardy and prolific.  Any suggestions?


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