Reblogging old posts #2

So, I go out to do a bit of weeding before the rain starts, because Gods know the weeds don’t need any more water, and hear odd, guilty clucking from the barn.  Not the coop, the barn.  Then I see a flash of cinnamon in the tall grass.

Shit!  There has been an escape.


Somehow the door to the chicken run had blown open and half the chickens had run free before we noticed.  While we normally let the chickens run outside for a while every day, we are there to keep an eye on them.  The neighbour has dogs, there are wild foxes in the area, and traffic goes by at about 120.


We also keep them out of the garden.


Don’t let people tell you that chickens have no expressions on their faces, because the girls in the garden looked extremely guilty.  They should feel guilty, they broke a number of the bean seedlings and apparently dug up and ate all my unsprouted seed: turnips, swiss chard, spinach, 3 types of squash, cucumber….. sigh…..gotta hope I have enough seeds to replant.  Or hope that all the scratch marks mean that they looked, but maybe didn’t find.


Little bastard decided to take the opportunity to attack Jim, but Jim was expecting it. Little bastard got a face full of icy water before he even got fully into position.  That should cool his jets for awhile.  lol



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