Reblogging old posts #1

Yeti, Yeti, Yeti…..


He’s been peeing on the floor since Jim’s niece’s wedding, when we were gone for a week.  So after we tried everything we and our friends and family could think of, we took him to the vet.

Maybe it’s a bladder infection, maybe it’s FUS, maybe it’s something else.  But no, he’s in perfect health.


It’s emotional problems.  Yeti has separation anxiety.  It started when we were gone for so long, and ontinued because Jim went back to work after months off.


Jim tried saying, “You’re a cat Dude, get over it!”  But it didn’t work.


The vet suggested we start him on anti-anxiety meds, but I can’t imagine that shoving a pill down his throat daily would be LESS stress than Jim going to work.  So we bought some $36 cat food with anti-anxiety stuff in it.  Yeti loved it!  But it had zero effect on the peeing.


So, in a fit of frustration I tossed his frigging arse outside.  He has always been an indoors cat.  So he hid under the porch until I crawled in to get him.  Next day he was at the door, begging to get out.  So now he thinks he loves it outside, well, up until today’s rainstorm.


Yeti:  I want out, I want out!

Me:  It’s raining, you don’t want out.

Yeti: Out!  I want out!

Me: Ok, if you want out….

thirty seconds later….

Yeti:  It’s raining, I want in!


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