Niece’s wedding

I am leaving tonight for a week in Winnipeg for a niece’s wedding. I’ll be going from the more or less lovely weather here (Sunday was unbeatable!) to cold, rain, and yuck.  I had to repack what I was planning to wear, but my wedding outfit can’t be replaced.  I wonder how it would look with a wooly sweater?
Expect to hear my back and hip crying about the weather all the way to Ottawa.

I leave Marie’s taxes unfinished (which I really hate to do) because I never got all the numbers I need to do them.  I really wanted this off my plate before I left.

But I’m taking my laptop to keep working on the film we want to start Aug 1st, and keep in touch with my bestie.  I woke up thinking that i would miss her, but I’ll still see her on FB and chats.  😀

But the packing is ridiculous.  Pack my pills, no, take them out., you can’t just pack the weekly reminder thing with mixed pills in it  They have to be in current, matched-to-the-pills, prescription bottles.  Pack summery pretty tops, because it’s warmer there.  *raucous buzzer noise* Sorry, a cold front just moved in, change everything for sweaters and long sleeved t shirts.   Pack my throat lozenges, nasonex and… no, buy new there.   Sigh…..

At least the baby plants and the cats have sitters.

yeti migraine new camera 029 IMAGE_062


2 thoughts on “Niece’s wedding

  1. Pamela says:

    I hope you really enjoy yourself in Winterpeg, seriously. I will miss you but we will keep the homefires burning (even if it is electric) and anxiously await your return. HUGGLES!

  2. Safe travels and “self-care”!! I hear you re: unresolved issues…they nag at the back of your brain and play with your hamster up there at night. We’re travelling next weekend for my cousin’s wedding, but in Toronto…I do not look forward to the car ride. At. All. HUGS!

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